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Turtle Rescue # 16

Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre are proud to announce the arrival of turtle number 16, an adult Green Turtle with floating syndrome. This is their biggest patient yet, at 90 cm curved carapace length, making it quite a handful.

The Sabah Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Rescue Unit was contacted when a Green Turtle was found floating in a bay in the Kota Kinabalu area and couldn’t return to deeper waters. Upon arrival the Wildlife Rescue Unit assessed the turtle’s condition and while its body was in generally good shape, with an exception of an old wound, it was still unable to dive which led them to take the magnificent animal to the Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre for further treatment and monitoring. Whilst there, it was confirmed that the turtle was suffering from floater syndrome, where for one reason or another gas accumulates in the gut and body cavity of a sea turtle rendering it unable to dive.

The turtle underwent a variety of treatments by the Wildlife Rescue Unit to alleviate its symptoms after which it did look more active and alert. However, its condition is still serious and it will need a few weeks of careful monitoring and treatment at the Gaya Island Resort Marine Centre to see if there are signs of any further improvement.

Let’s hope for the best and wish them luck!